Milestones of the tournament

Tournament Slovakia Open started life yet in the times of the joint Czechoslovak Federative Republic and its first year was held in November 1992. It was the period where there began to be formed the independent organization structure of the Slovak tennis and there were born new clubs, of course, in the connection to all the positive what brought the common representation of the Czechs and Slovaks.

The first year was held yet under the title the International Championship of Slovakia in table tennis of physically disabled and wheelchair athletes and its venue was in Piešťany´s sports hall. Its founder was today already deceased, the former successful representative Mária Pillárová who together with the other members of Sports Club Spa Piešťany withthe financial support of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic as well as the Municipal Authorities in Piešťany, organized the event where started in total 77 players from seven countries, predominantly from the Central European region. Already the first year sent into the world the mission about the excellent organization and high-quality sports performances thus the second act in October 1993 was honoured with the presence and attendance of ten countries. That year the tournament received its title, under which has been existing also currently – SLOVAKIA OPEN.

Five years later at the fifth year the spa Piešťany welcomed 263 players from 26 countries of the world what underlined the considerable growth of the event importance. In the next period within some years the tournament had not been held because based on the agreement we had alternated and had taken turns in its organization with the Austrians. However, in 1999, we were in Piešťany the organizers of the European Championship where apart from the other achievements Ján Riapoš gained his first premier title.

Since 2004 the tournament has been organized every year in Slovakia and has the fixed and firm place in the calendar of all the world top players. It was no difference either in 2009 when we welcomed more than 300 players from 29 countries of the world what confirmed so far increasingly growing trend of the interest in Piešťany´s tournament.

The year 2011 was for the top table tennis players the year of qualification for Paralympic Games 2012 in London. There headed again the best players of the world to Piešťany as the tournament Slovakia Open was in the process of gaining the points for the world ranking assigned among four most important tournaments of the world and as one of the last tournaments in the year could significantly shuffle the cards while gaining the points. Thanks to this fact there occurred for the Slovak representatives the ideal occasion to get possibly the best initial position in the fights for the airplane tickets to London.

The year 2012 may be called also the year of change. The spa town Piešťany was abandoned and left behind by the organizers after long years as they were forced to move due to reconstruction of a winter stadium where the tournament Slovakia Open was organized those last years.

Thus that year the venue was moving into the capital of Slovakia Bratislava to Ondrej Nepela Ice Ring. There headed 250 players from 34 countries to Bratislava and the domestic representatives won through the four medals. There started to be awarded Mária Pillárová Price for the best man player and woman player of the tournament having been taken since that time by more leading and prominent world players from the capital of Slovakia. Bratislava provided a very pleasant and attractive environment for the stay of all the participants, in the cutting-edge barrier-free hotels of the renowned names and the tournament has been already domesticated here for good. Its societal base became the close Hotel Double Tree by Hilton where have been also awarded and decorated the medallists of particular groups (in the meantime at the stadium) since 2014 and it is the place of a final evaluation for the participation of distinguished and prominent guests.

In 2015 for the first time there appeared in the title of tournament the name of the general partner and was played under the head of Palma Slovakia Open. A year later as Alison Slovakia Open. In May 2017 Bratislava instead of Slovakia Open hosted the first independent Team World Championship. This year, the tournament will be hold first time in National Tennis Center (NTC) due to reconstruction of the Ondrej Nepela Ice Rink.