The Championships has been opened

opening ceremony 2The history of para table tennis writes its new chapter. The first separate World Team Championships was ceremoniously opened. 116 teams from 34 countries participated at the event. Until Saturday they will be fighting for 11 titles in man´s category and 5 titles in woman´s category. Nine months after the end of the Paralympic games in Rio De Janeiro, the world´s para table tennis elite came to Slovakia. Many good players came to this event, for example Viktor Diduch from Ukraine, paralympic winner of team´s competition of classification 6-8, who will be playing with Ivan Mai instead of Maxim Nikolenko. The Frenchmen Fabien Lamirault and Stéphane Molliens, winners of the paralympic team´s tournament in classification 1-2 from Rio, are of course the biggest favourites in their category also in Bratislava. "Paralympic tournament was a big celebration of our sport. Your stories and successes push me to promote your effort within ITTF. The World´s Championships in Bratislava is the first major step towards Tokyo 2020. But not only that, it is also a chance to make new friends and to show what is in you," said during the Opening Ceremony Thomas Weikert, the president of the ITTF.

He expressed conviction that the championships in Slovakia shows new direction and will be a big feast for all the participants. Jan Riapos, director of the tournament, expressed similar ideas in his speech. "We do not want this tournament to go into history only because it was the first separate team´s championships. We want the tournament to be described as a well-organised event and successful world´s championships in all areas. We did a lot of work during the preparation period and now it is on us, sportsmen and sportswomen, to show the best performances," reminded his dual role.

Four-time paralympic winner belongs to the biggest medal hopes for the hosting country. Together with Martin Ludrovsky and Lukas Klizan, he belongs to biggest favourites of the tournament in classification TM2. 16 sportsmen and sportswomen will be representing Slovakia.

Last modified on Tuesday, 16 May 2017 18:07