Michal Bardon supports the Slovak Team

michal bardon

After many years, he is again wearing the clothes of the Slovak team and is a member of the national team at the World Championships. Only a few would expect that this veteran, Michal Bardon, is here in a role of coach assistant and is a part of the team at the 2017 ITTF Para Table Tennis World Team Championships, that started in Bratislava.

He played for two German clubs in Bundesliga and in Schwalbe Tundern, he played with the currently best player in Europe, Dimitrij Ovtcharov. This season he played in the Czech club El Niňo Prague and he gained Czech Cup and bronze medal in the premier league. Instead of relaxation after its end, he came to help his brother, who is the head coach of the Slovak team at the championships in Bratislava. "My father trains the handicapped for more than 10 years, and in Bratislava in the club Altius at Mokrohajska street he created decent conditions. At the beginning, my brother Andrej helped him with the trainings, and later I started to help him during the summer. I have known the current generation of the players for more than 5 years and I know they are a good team. When Andrej became the head coach of the Slovak team, he asked me to help him with the preparation of the players for the Team World Championships, and I did not hesitate a single second" said after the festive opening ceremony, that he watched together with the whole Slovak team.

michal bardon 2He does not even remember how many times he participated as a player at the world championships, but with a smile, he admits he did not achieve any success. The more he enjoys that his players succeeded in the competition of the best handicapped players. "It is definitely harder to participate at the tournament as a player. Only he decides about the success, or failure. I am a little bit nervous right now, because I will be a coach of the team at the world championships, but it is much more difficult for the players."

He does not consider it odd at all that he coaches handicapped sportsmen. He sees his role as a helper and only the time will show whether he stays at his job. "It is the same as the preparation and the training of healthy players. All of them need to work hard, learn new things, work with their psyche. As far as I feel handy, I will be glad to help. I would like to stay at the table tennis after my retirement and this is one of the options.

Eight years ago, he played the semi-finals of the ITTF World Tour tournament in Slovenia, he has a long and successful career, in which he nearly got into the world ranking top 100. He feels that the players he cooperates with take him normally. "About the respect, you need to ask them. I do not perceive it to be complicated. I hope that I can help them with the trainings and I can transfer them my experience, which I have a lot of. I see that there are not only experienced medalists in the team, but also youth, and it is very good."

Last modified on Wednesday, 17 May 2017 11:24