Fights for medals are culminating

medailove boje4After the second competitive day of the 2017 Para Table Tennis World Team Championship, some teams have already lost medal hopes, but on the other hand the best in a few categories have their medal certain. Only the last two days of the championship will for sure decide who is going to get the medals in Bratislava.

One of the teams, that for sure wins a medal is the team from Italy in the category TF3. They won three consecutive games and only the fight for the gold medal with Croatians, silver medallists from the Paralympics in Rio, awaits them. Couple Michaela Brunelli and Giada Rossi is one of the biggest surprises at the championship so far. "We are doing well at the tournament. For example, I was losing in the game against Serbian Sanja Milatovic 1:2 on sets and 6:10. But I was so sure that Michela would win the prospective decisive match, that I managed to relax and gain the point myself. We are glad that we will play for the gold medal, and against Croatia we will perform on one hundred percent, said after the win against Serbia Giada Rossi. In the women´s categories, there are more teams that gain medals for sure: Russians and Ukrainians in category TF6-7, in the category TF9-10 Brazilians, Germans, Turkish and Croatians.

In the men´s categories all matches in the groups ended in the categories where there were more than 8 participants. It is sure that in the category TM3 directly to semifinal got the teams from Ukraine and Germany, in the category TM5 teams from Taiwan and Serbia, in the category TM8 Ukraine and Sweden, in the category TM10 Poland and Spain and in the category TM11 France.

For the Slovak fans, it is not a very good news that none of the Slovak teams have a certain medal. The biggest medal hopes from Slovakia, team in the category TM2, won for the second time. Couple Jan Riapos, Martin Ludrovsky defeated Poland 2:1 and is leading their group. But that group is so twisted, that not even after two wins have they a  certain semifinal, and they will have to fight for it in their last match against Austria. They managed excellently the difficult match with Poland. "We went to the game with a goal to gain points, we did not care about the quality of the game. We adapted the tactics to this goal in the doubles, that we won. That is why Martin medailove boje2Ludrovsky could go into the match with the second best in the world without any nerves. The match did not end well, but I believed that I would do the decisive point, "told Jan Riapos after the win over Polish Tomasz Jakimczuk. He admitted that it was a huge tactical fight and our rival had a huge advantage. "I have to say when the coach Madejska sits next to the playpen, I have a feeling that I play against two rivals. She is a great strategist and a huge expert. She can give great advice and get the maximum out of the player. It was a very difficult match and I am glad it is over. Now we want to confirm the good entry into the tournament in the last group match and to go into semifinal from the first place. Only in this case, we can meet France in the final, that is our big dream," added the number one player in the Slovak team. The hope for semifinal and with that a medal gained Slovak team in the category TM7. Couple Miroslav Jambor, Tomáš Valach defeated Hong Kong 2:0 and will fight for semifinal with France. They lost to a certain semifinal team from Thailand 1:2. "I think that we were a better team. We were faster and we managed the match tactically," told after the match Miroslav Jambor, who after the winning double gained the second point by win over Chen Silu. "In the single it took me a while until I found a way how to win. The first set and at the beginning of the second, I pushed a lot. And I was losing. In a moment when I began to play patiently over pink, I started to win majority of exchanges. It is good that we are still in a game for semifinal, but it will be difficult against France. Our rival is a huge favourite, although at the Paralympics I had four match balls against Dourbecker.

The women team in the category TF4-5 played two matched during the second day of the championship. Couple medailove boje3Alena Kanova and Katarina Dobrovodska at the beginning lost 0:2 to the silver team from Paraolympics in Rio, Serbia, and later with the same ratio to Taiwan. Males in the category TM1 did not thrive either. Marian Kamien, Martin Polkorab and Martin Barbierik lost to Korea 0:2 and with the same ratio to Italy. Without any points left the table after the match with the favourites from France also Richard Csejtey and Jozef Krsiak in the category TM8 and Alexander Nagy with Gabriel Csemy in the category TM6. They failed in the match against Chile.

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