First Medal For Italy and Slovakia

medaily talianky 2The first team, that gained the title of world champion at 2017 ITTF Para Table Tennis World Team Championships, is from Italy and competes in the category TF3. They defeated silver medallists from Paralympics in Rio, Croatia, 2:1 and without any defeat won their group. Croatians will have to compete for the silver medal with Turkey.

After the winning double, Andela Muzinic managed to match the score to 1:1, but later Michaela Brunelli defeated Helena Dretarova 3:2 and ended the journey of the Italian team at the championship. "We are very glad that we managed to win the world championship. The match against Croatia was difficult. The most important was the double, when we had a big luck in the decisive set and score 10:10. We were lucky to have a net ball that helped us to match ball and later to win. Our strategy was to play more slowly, not to hurry and to concentrate on every ball," said after the key match in the group, that meant the gaining of the world championship title Michaela Brunelli.

medaila nasiDomestic fans can enjoy the first medal. The couple Andrej Mészáros, Boris Travnicek in the category TM4 defeated in the second group match Taiwan and got into semifinal. They will fight for final with Turkey, but already now Slovaks have at least certain bronze medal. "It was a really difficult match, because I had already lost two times to Lin Wen-Shin, for the last time at the Paralympics in London. But we succeeded in double, that was very important. Boris played very well, we adhered the tactics of not hurrying and playing stoically," said after the match Andrej Mészáros, more experience from the couple. He gained the second point in single. "I was absolutely concentrated and ready. I was for sure better prepared than in London. I do not play well against the players using cover with special material, but here at the championship I read the opponent during the first day of the competitions and in the end, I found a way to defeat his style of playing. It is my first medal at the world championship and together with Boris we will do everything not to gain only the bronze medal.

Boris Travnicek agreed with his works, and he plays for the first time at a huge event. During the day of his 19th birthday, he managed to secure a medal from the world championship and he had a smile on his face after the match. "It is a great gift. I was nervous before the match, but later I managed to relax. The experience of my partner helped me, so hopefully I did not mess up the double a lot. I am glad that we can still gain the title and we will fight from all our force against Turkey. 

medaily naši L RSlovak team certainly gains medal in the category TM2, after they defeated Austria 2:0. In the balanced group, Slovak team had no certain entry into semifinal, although they had two previous wins, so that is why the match with Austria was so mentally demanding. Martin Ludrovsky confirmed it. Firstly, together with Jan Riapos they won double and the second point, Ludrovsky gained from the single against Hans Reup. "It was nerve–racking. Mainly in the introductory double. But we managed to win, so I entered the single with a greater calm. The nervousness lowered to twenty percent of a normal level," smiled Slovak team member. "It was mentally the hardest match, although Polish team was stronger from the gaming point of view than Austria. I ended very well and we can concentrate on semifinal."


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