Six sets of medals distributed

3 den 2The penultimate day of the Para World Team Championships brought the answer to the question who gets gold medals. Fights ended in four Women and two Men´s Classes. Two titles were awarded to teams from Italy and also two titles to teams from Russia, teams from France and Serbia each gained one title.

Italian women in the Class TF3 decided about their title in the penultimate round, when they defeated favourites from Croatia. The team from Croatia ended only in a fight for the second place. In the dramatic ending, they defeated Turkey 2:1 and they got the silver medals. In the Women´s Class TF4-5, Serbians succeeded in the match for gold medals. They defeated the Great Britain in the last group match and did not allow any surprise to happen. Germany ended second and on the third place were the players from the Great Britain.

On the other hand, in the class TF6-7 Russia and Ukraine directly fought for the title. Although the Ukrainians won the introductory doubles, Russians overturned the score and won 2:1. Bronze medals were not awarded because of the small number of participants. Similar situation was in the Class TF11, where only four times played. Russia won the gold medal, Hong Kong ended up second.

In the Men´s Class TM1 Italians won the title, although they lost once. The second was Korea and the third was the team from the Great Britain, which until then was undefeated. Men´s Class TM11 was in the hands of France, they won without any defeat and in the last match defeated Australia 2:1. "It was a very hard match, because the Australians are a very strong opponent. Moreover, we lost the double and we had to overturn the score in singles. But we managed to do it, and we fought out the world champions title. We will celebrate that a lot," told after the match Lucas Creange from France. Players from Hong Kong won in the balanced fight for silver medals.

medailove boje3Numerous Slovak fans were pleased by the Slovak team in the category TM2, who won 2:1 in their semifinal match against Italy. They got into final, in which they will fight with the French team. "It was the most difficult match at the tournament, because the Italians do not suit us with their style," admitted after the match Jan Riapos. Together with Martin Ludrovsky then won very important doubles and started their journey to finals. " I believed that Martin would win the first singles, but unfortunately he did not. I believed in myself against Giuseppe Vella. I have a positive balance with him and I knew what tactics to choose. But it is never an easy job. Spectators could see that in the third set, when I had four match balls. He played two risky strikes and suddenly, he started to believe in himself. He tightened the gap into 10:00, and I am glad that I managed to finish the game with the fifth match ball. We are in finals, and I hope it will be a balanced match against our traditional rival, France. The doubles will be again very important. If we succeed in the doubles, we may win the gold medals," he added.

Other Slovak teams were not so successful, with exception of the couple Andrej Mészáros, Boris Travnicek, who in the Class TM4 got into semi-finals after win over Taiwan 2:0. Richard Csejtey with Jozef Krsiak won the match for 7th-11th place in the Class TM8. They defeated Japan 2:0 and will play against the Great Britain for the final 7th place. In the Class TM6, Alexander Nagy and Gabriel Csemy lost their last group match with medal first italyDenmark 0:2 and later the match for the final 5th-8 place by the same margin against Germany. In the Class TM7 Miroslav Jambor with Tomas Valach had a chance to enter the semi-finals, but lost to France 2:0 and ended third in their group. Women´s team in the Class TF4-5, Alena Kanova and Katarina Dobrovodska lost to Germany their final match at the championship with the score 0:2. Without any win at the championship ended also Marian Kamien, Martin Polkorab and Martin Barbierik in the Class TM1. In the last match, they were defeated 0:2 by Hungary. 

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