Slovaks gained the title

vitazi3 webThe hosting country of the World Para Table Tennis Championships has their heroes. The couple in the Class TM2 defeated in the final match Paralympic winners from Rio, France, 2:0 and became world champions.

Jan Riapos, Martin Ludrovsky and Lukas Klizan managed the whole tournament without any defeat and justly won the gold medals. Final fight with the highest-ranked team started very well in the doubles. Jan Rapos and Martin Ludrovsky won the doubles after five sets and gained the first very important point. "We went into the game with the goal to win, but also to play for sure and not to go crazy. Our rival was a favourite and for sure under bigger pressure. The win in the doubles was very important, but from the last year's experience at the Slovak Open tournament, when we led 1:0 and ultimately lost, we did not joy prematurely," described the atmosphere in the team Jan Riapos. He did not get his second point against Fabian Lamirault very easily either. After he lost the first set, Slovak player started to play brilliantly and won 3:1. "I repented the first set, because I messed up a few easy strikes. But I felt very well and I had mental advantage, because I defeated Lamirault lately at the tournament in Hungary. I think he a little bit underestimated his leadership and allowed me to equalize the score. Later he could not stop it," added Jan Riapos.

viťazi 1 webHis team-mates shined with happiness. "We say thank you to the audience. They helped us a lot in the final match," smiled an experienced player Martin Ludrovsky. The youngest player of the team, Lukas Klizan had a problem to find the right words. "It was my first championships, and immediately gold. It is like a dream. I was more nervous than my team-mates, but I enjoyed it a lot. I do not mind at all, that I did not enter the battles, for me it was a huge honour to start at the championships in Bratislava. From his first world championships in the career, Boris Travnicek takes gold medal. He together with Andrej Meszaros won the bronze medal in the Class TM4. In the semi-final match Slovaks lost to Turkey 0:2, but they were not sad. "Our opponent was a clear favourite. They have played together for more than 8 years, we started only a few months ago. But we achieved our dream, we gained the medal, so we are very happy," admitted more experienced player Andrej Meszaros. After the years of cooperation with Peter Mihalik, for the first time he played with a new team-mate. "When Peter recovers from the shoulder injury, our group will be bigger and it is good for the future," added. Nineteen-year old player Boris Travnicek declared immediately after the progress into semi-finals that they had achieved the biggest success in their career. "We will definitely celebrate the medals, we need to join it with my birthday celebration. Turks were better and we had no chance to progress.

Two Slovak teams in the medal fights, were not the only Slovak teams who played during the last day of the tournament. Couple Miroslav Jambor, Tomáš Valach fought for the final 5th place with Hong Kong and won 2:0. Richard Csejtey and Jozef Krsiak fought for the final 7th place with the Great Britain. They lost 1:2 and ended on the final 8th place.

Slovakia was of the thirteen countries who gained the title of world champion. Only Sweden gained two titles during the final day. In the Class TM8 they won over Ukraine, in the Class TM9 they won over Japan 2:0. The only Women´s final during the final day of the championships was a fight for the title in the Class TF9-10, in which Brazil lost to Turkey 2:0. Germany won gold medal in the Class TM3, when they defeated Ukraine 2:0, with the same margin Turkey won over France in the Class TM4. Big fight was in the Class TM5, Taiwan won over Sweden. They won 2:1 and they belong to the gold teams at the championships in Bratislava. Spain achieved gold in the Class TM6 after they won 2:0 over Croatia, Ukraine achieved gold in the Class TM7, when they defeated Thailand 2:0. Polish team achieved gold in the Class TM10, they defeated Russia 2:0. 

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