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Information to the players and coaches.

Coaches shall meet in the call area 45 minutes before start of the match.

-             team draw

-             shirt and bench toss

Procedures in call area 30 minutes before start of the match

-             racket control

-             ball selection

March on to the tables

-             line up 20 minutes before start of the match

-             march on 10 minutes before start of the match

-             March on order umpire, team a,b, team x,y, assistant umpire

-             March on with music and presentation when all matches of one round start at the same time

-             Only association names will be announced during initial rounds. Everyone will stand still during the presentation until all tables  have been announced.  Then players and umpires can shake hands and the 2 minutes practice will start.  

-             If there is a match delayed on any table there will be a silent march on according to the schedule for the other tables. No music and no presentations! (FOP Manager will inform about this) Players and umpires will go to the presentation position and stand there a few seconds until the umpires give a sign to shake hands.

-             In last stages we will also announce player and umpire names

-             Players need to line up in the cloths that they are going to wear during the match

-             There will be volunteers taking the player's  bags to the table.

-             Bag carriers together with coaches will come with the bags, physios and doctors will go to the tables after the players and umpires

-             There are dedicated seats  for medical persons in the corners of the venue

-             March on order to the tables